HR Anew provides career management and career transition services for employers and individuals.

Our primary focus is to help individuals achieve their career passion, vision, mission, and goals, as well as their highest professional potential.

Our career counselors collaborate with employers and individuals to asses natural strengths and energies; existing competencies; academic achievements and goals; knowledge and skills gaps; technology skills and goals; management and leadership abilities; and career aspirations. Then we create a customized career pathway to help ensure that desired outcomes are achieved.

Our desire is to ensure that all individuals and every employer’s workforce have opportunities to explore, examine, plan, and get excited about achieving their life’s goals. We want everyone that we support to move through an entrepreneurial or career path that creates opportunities for professional growth and development, career success, and personal satisfaction.

Our Career Management Model: Certified and Inventive Career Counselors

HR Anew’s career management services are discreet and confidential, and we focus on diagnosing client needs and formulating coaching that is customized to the individual. Our certified career counselors use a combination of observation, assessment, advising, consulting, training, mentoring, and feedback to create high impact interventions that have been described as “career-changing.”

The primary goal of our services is to help people gain clarity about their natural abilities, skills, talents, aptitudes, personality, temperament, values, commitments, passions, habits, lifestyle, and workplace needs. We help people confirm their professional knowledge and competencies and verify their academic and professional vision, mission, and goals.

Our career counselors work progressively, in a step-by-step manner, to help people consider, research, and answer all the questions they need to consider to make wise career decisions. Working with an experienced career counselor, our clients review their career aspirations, expertise, experience, strengths, and professional growth opportunities in a broad perspective. As we advise individuals, we also examine education, desired compensation and benefits, preferred location and the current job market.

Career Management and Transition Services

  • 1:1 Career coaching

  • 1:1 Performance and productivity coaching

  • Assessments

  • Career counseling guidebook, questionnaires, and resources

  • Career development planning map

  • Individual development plan

  • Newsletters, articles, and helpful tips

  • Lunch-n-Learns and workshops

  • Resume preparation

  • Federal application preparation

  • Job or business search and individual marketing strategies

  • Interview preparation

  • Interview techniques

  • Interview follow up etiquette

  • Compensation and benefits negotiations

  • Closing on employment offers

  • Financial

  • Healthcare

  • Housing

  • Information Technology

  • Law Enforcement

  • Manufacturing

  • Non-profit

  • Transportation

  • Adult Education

  • Aerospace

  • Agriculture

  • Federal and State Governments