There is an art and a science to employee communications, and HR Anew has both the creativity and the experience to get results. We specialize in communications that:

  • Clearly convey important messages

  • Help people understand changes in their organization

  • Clarify mission-critical objectives

  • Build and support organizational culture

  • Improve employee morale

  • Inspire innovation and teamwork

  • Report mission critical-information

  • Prevent and manage crisis

  • Meet regulatory and legal requirements

Flexible Communications Based on a Plan

Whether we are supporting an integrated HR program, fulfilling a specific need, or augmenting your communications staff, we bring a wide variety of both innovative and tried-and-true techniques to employee communications.

We believe strongly that communications must be strategic, well-thought-out, and impeccably executed because the risks and consequences of miscommunication are too high. Being nimble, flexible, and adaptable to changing programs and needs is critical.

Here are some key questions we ask in developing, implementing and adjusting a communications plan:

  • Who are the stakeholders and what are their current attitudes?

  • What are the key messages that we need to communicate?

  • What shifts are desired to help reinforce the organization’s messaging?

  • What level of engagement is appropriate?

Flexible Communications Based on a Plan

We develop communications that work virtually and in person. We are at our best when we take on the challenges of complex information and make it easy for everyone in an organization to understand and respect.

Among our competencies are:

  • Employee Benefits Communications

  • Training and Professional Development Communications

  • Meeting development and facilitation—both informational and experiential

  • Web site and Intranet design, development, management, and support

  • Video—instructional, informational and motivational

  • Social Media Support

  • Key message platforms

  • Imagery

  • Annual reports, external/internal stakeholder and employee mission critical documents

  • Newsletters, posters, emails

  • Internal Web sites and secure applications

  • Awards and recognition programs

  • Crisis prevention and management