At HR Anew, our mission is to grow leaders, grow talent, grow systems, and deliver results.

We offer human capital management services in the following areas:

  • Organizational Assessments and Workforce Studies

  • Strategic Planning

  • Transformation Management

  • Recruitment and Staffing

  • Management, Leadership, and Employee Training

  • Labor/Employee Relations

  • Employee Benefits

  • Position Management, Classification, and Compensation

  • HR Support and Administration

  • HR Policy

Organizational Assessments and Workforce Studies

HR Anew provides organizational assessments and workforce studies to help you rethink and shape your HR and human capital management functions. This may include conducting benchmarking studies and individual interviews, holding focus group meetings and customer meetings, and reviewing previous workforce studies and related information.

Assessments and studies provide an objective view of your current reality in regards to funding, organizational structure, outcomes measurement, board development, and more. This “full systems view” enables you to leverage your current assets and make any necessary changes to achieve your organization’s mission.

Strategic Planning

HR Anew will help you develop strategies to achieve your mission and strategic goals. We provide facilitation, planning, and technical and advisory assistance to the appropriate management, staff, and workgroups as they expand upon the defined objectives in the desired plan.

This activity will include development of strategies, activities and initiatives that cross-organizational boundaries and meet shared objectives and goals for achieving acceptable human capital performance measures.

In addition, we can assist the appropriate management and staff in developing and refining general strategic planning goals, objectives, strategies, initiatives, performance metrics and monitoring processes. In this way, we directly support human capital productivity and the establishment of clear relationships between individual performance and departmental performance.

Transformation Management

How do you turn your leaders and talent into transformation agents, and put in place a smart, systematic approach to move your organization from point A to point B and beyond?

We will help you implement any existing or new processes, policies or other changes; provide advice and guidance in change management strategies; and assist you with the development of training, tools, guidance, mentoring procedures, coaching procedures and other measures to reduce the burden or confusion that may be caused by the transformation.

Management, Leadership, and Employee Training

Research has shown that adults learn best when they view the information as relevant to their needs. HR Anew designs training programs that are based on adult learning principles that relate the content to participant experiences, interactivity, collaboration, and application.

HR Anew uses a variety of methodologies that include experiential learning, action learning, trust building, “real world” issues, challenging assignments, program design participation, entertainment, vignettes, story–centered, learning from peers, assessments, drag and drop exercises, quizzes and multiple choice questions, high quality graphics and multi-media, animation, e-collaboration and instant messaging, brainstorming, simulations, large group discussion, small group work, games, role playing, case studies, mentoring, and collaborative learning.

We customize leadership development programs to support the leadership competencies needed for organizational excellence. HR Anew’s leadership training materials consist of four programs designed for different target audiences: executives, managers, supervisors, and non-supervisory employees that are being considered for leadership opportunities.

Labor/Employee Relations

Our Labor and Employee Relations specialists are knowledgeable about Federal laws, case law, statutes, rules, and regulations, and they have experience drafting and responding to 5 USC 7114 requests for information. You can rely on our team to provide advice and assistance on issues and to conduct negotiations with employee unions, if you choose.

Our specialists have many years of experience dealing with typical labor relations issues in addition to expertise in handling labor/management collaborative efforts, alternative dispute resolution, and implementation bargaining.

They are adept at answering inquiries regarding collective bargaining units and at supporting our clients in third-party proceedings. We have received grievances submitted through a negotiated agreement, and we provided written suggestions on how to handle it, along with providing a strategy for management representatives to follow.

HR Anew has significant knowledge in developing labor and employee relations operational procedures, providing advice, guidance, and recommendations to management and employees on performance management conduct issues (such as employee/management relations, improvement of morale, conduct, discipline, grievances, alcoholism and drug abuse, and appeals) and adverse actions, recognition, leave administration, conducting personal interviews, preparing investigative reports, handling grievances, and labor-management obligations.

HR Policy

HR Anew’s team of experts and specialists provide timely and accurate human resources policy advice, review, development and implementation to key stakeholders by using an inventory of current policies, processes, and procedures, to make recommendations for the development of new policies, processes, and procedures.

They provide technical counsel, guidance, interpretation, and advisory assistance to both management and employees, and they conduct periodic and systematic reviews to evaluate compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies. At the same time, they are always attentive to the adequacy and effectiveness of the policies, processes, and procedures in meeting your organization’s needs.

Our team conducts studies, reviews case studies and white papers, and stays abreast of special and recurring reports to support your needs to maintain accountability of policy changes. HR Anew experts and specialists also conduct quality reviews to ensure that functions carried out throughout the mission areas are consistent with established policies and procedures.

Position Management, Classification, and Compensation

Classification is an integral part of the changing mission of an organization; as new mission areas are added, old ones end, and workloads rise and decline. HR Anew has expertise in classifying and grading positions for compensation, performing desk audits, conducting benchmark studies, writing and editing position descriptions (PDs), and providing position management solutions for realignments and reorganizations.

We’ve worked in Title 5 environments, in Title 42 environments, and within client or agency-specific classification systems. Our expert staff have worked with competitive service positions, as well as Excepted Service positions and special appointing authorities.