When it comes to employee development, you need to quickly respond to changes in the world, stay ahead of the curve legally and help them stay ahead of the competition.

That means you need more than standard programs. You need a learning philosophy that supports your employees via customized training services that achieve business objectives.

The Team

HR Anew’s interactive and real-world instructor-led, eLearning, and blended training and professional development programs are designed by award-winning subject matter experts, adult learning specialists, instructional designers, technology designers, and graphics and multi-media specialists; and are tailored to address your unique workplace strategic goals and objectives.

Our experienced facilitators to include subject matter experts in management, leadership, employee development, performance management, EEO, diversity, inclusion, conflict management, recruitment and staffing, to name a few. They are specialists and generalists, employment attorneys, compliance experts, organizational development practitioners, executive coaches, motivational speakers, college professors, human resource, and EEO practitioners.

Multiple Approaches

Through HR Anew, your organization can offer:

Live Training: Designed as briefings, half-day, or full day, live training can take place during or after normal business hours, on weekdays or on weekends.

Blended Programs: Combine an initial live training session with follow-up e-Learning, web-based, or mobile training that can be completed at the employee’s convenience.

Web-Based e-Learning: Allows employees to complete their training at a time that best fits their schedules. “Test out” options ensure that time is not wasted on unnecessary training.

We provide effective training that is appropriate for the content and audience, including:

  • Instructor-Led, In-Person Workshops

  • e-Learning Courses

  • Web Conferences

  • Video Learning Sessions

  • Mobile/On-the-Go Learning

  • Train-the-Trainer Seminars

Among the many training services we offer are:


  • Assessments allow you to quickly gather objective, relevant data about your employees and candidates. HR Anew is certified to administer various assessments including:

  • Thomas-Kilman Conflict Inventory

  • Candidate Self-Assessments (job specific)

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • DiSC

  • StrengthFinders

  • Competency Development

Competencies are the measurable or observable knowledge, skills, abilities, (KSAs), as well as behaviors that add up to successful job performance. Whether they are core- or role-based, developing the key competencies needed for a job can provide a powerful foundation to build on for any employee starting a new position. HR Anew’s Team is certified to administer the Lominger Competency resources.

Skills Tests

HR Anew provides more than 1,200 skills tests for diverse positions that are essential in today’s workplace. Testing employees and candidates’ claimed skills can give you a precise picture about your workforce.

You will know where they are strong; identify opportunities for professional development to build or strengthen competencies, and ultimately, design and implement an onboarding strategy that shortens the learning curve and maximizes performance and productivity.