Using HR Anew’s A5 Recruitment Planning Process, your organization will:

  • Experience lower recruitment costs per employee

  • Increase overall recruitment efficiency, including less time screening applicants

  • Reduce the average new hire search from 37 days to 3 to 30 days

  • Maximize an ideal employer-employee match

  • Feel assured it has attracted the most talented candidates

  • Support retention of talent


In this phase, we create your customized recruitment strategy and plan. This gives your organization standardized recruitment planning and program implementation within a highly customized and adaptable system. The plan is designed specifically for your organization and addresses any current openings at the onset of the project.


During this phase, we seek to understand your culture, policies and procedures so that we can ascertain the correct employee fit. This provides an organizational and position-specific understanding beyond simple job descriptions and resumes, considering the total environment and the total candidate, not simply the skill set required.

We work in collaboration with your hiring managers and internal HR staff to gain a comprehensive understanding of the job, as well as ensure the job description reflects the exact knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for the actual position. We also look beyond the job description to underlying qualities and talents required for star performance.


Once we have developed a deep understanding of the organization and of the job itself, we launch an aggressive recruitment campaign to attract highly competent and diverse candidates.

Throughout this phase, we use innovative social media strategies and tactics and online resources, combined with traditional media and HR Anew’s proprietary networks, to proactively seek out potential candidates. Our recruitment process is ongoing for longer term clients.


This phase of the process enables your organization to not only limit potential legal liabilities, but to also set the foundation for future employee satisfaction and higher employee retention overall.


In the final phase of the recruitment process, we track and evaluate your customized plan and report the results. This allows us to continually adjust your recruitment efforts to capitalize on new information and opportunities, meet challenges and refine internal recruitment tactics and techniques.