HR Anew provides supplemental staff to government, private, and non-profit entities.

This service is provided to clients in multiple industries nationally for all level positions – from entry level to executive search.

During the last 20 years, our combined team has provided more than 30,000 candidates for hire to employers and/or clients. We have performed local, regional and national searches. Currently, we employ staff in the Netherlands, Wisconsin, California, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida, and Washington, DC.

HR Anew has current and past performance providing staff augmentation services particularly in high volume recruitment, staffing, position management, position classification, labor relations, employee relation, equal employment opportunity, and other human capital management disciplines. Our staff can work onsite at client locations and/or remotely.

A Strong Track Record of Experience

Our program management team has a long track record of experience in designing, implementing, and managing staff augmentation solutions for a wide range of high volume and diversity recruitment programs. HR Anew’s strategy in delivering recruitment and staff augmentation services includes integrating the client’s vision, mission, strategic goals, and organizational culture into our approach.

We collaborate with you to ensure that our strategy, operating procedures, policies, processes, and proven best practices are aligned to achieve the goals and desired outcomes. We use a strategic recruitment and staff augmentation model we refer to as the Three Cs - Culture, Competencies, and Commitment. We believe that to achieve a high performing recruitment and staffing operation, it is essential that these areas are well defined.

We are exceptionally well-aligned with client key stakeholders and have significant success in identifying, attracting, and retaining candidates which are diverse. Additionally, our team is extremely visible and active at the local (city), county, state, and national levels which helps us to attract diverse, economically disadvantaged and women. We are also active in the identification, sourcing, and presentation of US Military Veterans as well as disabled candidates.